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Teardrops Handbuilt to order – Prices start from only £4,499!

Great for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors Everything ready-to-go!

Prices start from only £4,499 for a super little 2-berth teardrop caravan that only weighs 300kgs. High quality and Handbuilt – see our build process. Can be built to any specification and can be screen printed to any design. Options include rear or side kitchen, mains electrics, mattresses, awnings, different windows etc.

Our teardrops are a must for surfers, kite boarders, or just for your classic car or Volkswagen scene. Fantastic security for your children…Imagine sitting outside having a glass of wine within inches of them sleeping comfortably and of course nice, warm and safe. We even sell the solution to your toilet and storage needs. A foldable toilet that makes a cube in which we supply all the interior bags and is fully biodegradable as well as a pop-up toilet/changing storage tent so none of the wondering around the campsite trying to find toilets in the middle of the night as this is right outside your teardrop!

All the essential comforts in one easy package:

  • Able to be towed by smaller cars. You only need a small vehicle like a mini.

  • Lightweight enough to be towed by small cars or trikes.

  • Set up time on site is minimal. From arriving on site to being tucked up in bed takes just a couple of minutes!

  • Our Teardrops are narrower than most cars and a similar height making them easy to tow.

  • No pitching tents in the dark, no packing up wet tents, and always somewhere dry and warm.

  • Easy to store, easy to tow, easy to move, easy to site, easy to clean and fun to use.

  • Great for Hill walkers, Bikers, Fishermen, Canoeists, Rock climbers, Rallies, Go Karters.

  • No more packing the car on a Friday evening, no more picking the caravan up from storage.

  • It fits in the garage without filling it. You can keep it in your garage, and still be able to actually get into your garage!

  • You will not break your back moving one around

  • All the flexibility of camping without wet tents. All the comforts of caravaning without any of the downsides.

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